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APEX372 Listen-Through Hearing Protector

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Product Description

APEX 3-Series / APEX372 Listen-Through Headset

The APX372 was made for all-day wear and extended comfort with cushioned ear seals and ball-pivot joints that evenly distribute side-force as you move. With enhanced safety Listen-through microphones on the ear domes let you hear and control the volume of alarms, voices, equipment noise and other critical sounds. Sonetics patented Fit Detection System measures and records sound levels inside the ear cups. A voice prompt warns you if and when sound exposure nears unsafe levels. You can plug in your portable two-way-radio, cell phone or MP3 player and stay connected while you get the job done.


  • Advanced hearing protection
  • Situational awareness
  • Convertible headband
  • Replacement, rechargeable batteries
  • Stereo listen-through microphones
  • Personal sound dosimeter
  • Watertight and Dust-proof
  • Easy-to-Follow voice menu prompts
  • Auto loud noise suppression
  • AUX input for mobile devices

APEX372 Product Sheet (click here)

APX372 Brochure (click here)

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Product Videos

Sonetics - Listen through and Channel Control (01:27)
How to turn on listen-through and change channels are Sonetics APX 3-series wireless headsets. For more how-to videos visit: http://www.soneticscorp.com/support/
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