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  • 17-Wire Side Broom
    17-Wire Side Broom
    This popular broom is robust yet competitively priced with 17 wire strands per hole of superior steel wire. Superior steel wire for extended sweeping hours High-impact, non-rusting plastic segments — 2, 4 or 5 to a...
  • 21-Wire Heavy-Duty Side Broom
    21-Wire Heavy-Duty Side Broom
    Filled with 21 strands per hole of spring steel wire, these heavy-duty brooms provide exceptional scrubbing action and superior recovery. Spring steel wire for aggressive sweeping and longer wear High-impact, non-rusting...
  • Aggressor XR Side Broom
    Aggressor XR Side Broom
    The XR cable and wire bristle combination broom cuts through mud and compacted debris while sweeping a clean path. Ideal for weed control, construction sites, pavement millings and airports. Combination of cable and wire...
  • Aggressor XT Side Broom
    Aggressor XT Side Broom
    The XT is a heavy-duty PVC-coated cable broom with abrasive characteristics for extremely aggressive sweeping applications. Heavy-duty, PVC-coated cable design One-piece design for easy removal and replacement Rugged,...
  • Cold Rolled Wire
    Cold Rolled Wire
    Proven, Powerful Performance. Thanks to revolutionary new technology, United Rotary Brush’s Blue Steel patented, cold rolled wire delivers the same durability and long broom life you expect to find only in oil tempered...
  • Combination Sweep Tube Broom
    Combination Sweep Tube Broom
    Combination Sweep Tube Broom For more aggressive sweeping, the combination polypropylene and wire filaments loosen and sweep up compacted debris. 50/50 polypropylene/wire tube broom for aggressive sweeping 100% virgin...
  • Gutter Broom Segments
    Gutter Broom Segments
    Our industry’s sweepers utilize several different types of blocks or segments. We can help you with your specific replacement gutter broom requirements.
  • Heavy-Duty Tube Brooms
    Heavy-Duty Tube Brooms
    Heavy-Duty Tube Broom with almost twice the filament of a standard Tube Broom, the Double-Wrap Tube Broom is a heavy-duty option that provides the best surface coverage and longest useful life. 100% virgin polypropylene...
  • Polypropylene Side Broom
    Polypropylene Side Broom
    Typically used for less aggressive, spark-resistant applications, these brooms are filled with polypropylene filaments for lighter, non-abrasive sweeping. Heavy, polypropylene filaments for less aggressive sweeping High...
  • Small Diameter Center Brooms
    Small Diameter Center Brooms
    These brooms are used for agitation. Gutterbrooms sweep the debris in front of the small diameter agitation broom, as the vacuum head picks up the debris. Short, dense filaments agitate and loosen debris for pickup Compact...
  • Standard Tube Broom
    Standard Tube Brooms
    One-piece broom unit    Size Fits 50” Tennant 830 56.5” Johnston 3000/4000 58" Elgin Broom Badger   Elgin Broom Bear   Elgin Broom Bear H   Athey Mobil   Allianz...
  • Strip Brooms
    Strip Brooms
    Strip Brooms provide outstanding sweeping results on high volume materials such as millings and leaves, as well as standard applications. Popular sizes / models are as follows:   Size Fits 56.5" Johnston 3000/4000 ...

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